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"...I wanted to take this opportunity to express to you our deepest gratitude for the excellent job your company did for both our Tucson and Columbus Bennigan's Restaurants. We are, as a company, extremely pleased with the end results and especially impressed with the professionalism displayed...Best Restaurant is a first-class organization and it is evident that a premium is placed on service - from top to bottom!...I would be happy to endorse your firm to anyone who may inquire."
FHC Hotel Management Company
Rennick A. Andreoli - Executive Vice-President

"...I wanted to take a moment to express my thanks to you on the excellent job you and your company did delivering our FF&E package for the Bennigan's in Round Rock, Texas...As Always, one of the biggest concerns when developing restaurants is choosing the right quality for the FF&E package, and delivering it timely and installed properly. We felt very comfortable with your honesty, professionalism, and high quality standards while working with... we felt BEST is a company that stands behind their word no matter what, in our line of business this is VERY IMPORTANT, some times more important than a minor cost increase compared to other FF&E competitors...We do look forward to working with you or recommending you to other Bennigan's franchisees."
Amer J. Hammoud
Hammoud, Inc. - President
"I would like to offer my thanks for the assistance you provided when we built our Bennigan's restaurant here in Texarkana. The drawings you provided were invaluable to our plumbers and electricians and it made my job much easier. I am especially appreciative of how easy it was to get in touch with you on short notice and how both you and your office came through for us on those inevitable "emergencies" that occur at the last minute...we chose Best Equipment Company primarily based on competitive pricing. You took that opportunity and delivered quality service with personal attention to scheduling and deadlines. As a small office with multiple projects, we recognize the importance of this commitment by subcontractors and suppliers and give it considerable weight when evaluating proposals...It would be a pleasure for me to recommend Best Equipment Company to anyone who is contemplating the purchase of restaurant equipment."
James Herrington
Green-Bunn-Herrington, LLC
"I am writing to thank you for the hard work and extra effort that Best Restaurant Equipment provided to your recent openings in Elgin, Illinois. The Elgin, IL Bennigan's Grill & Tavern and Crowne Plaza Hotel Joseph's Restaurant opened ahead of schedule under very difficult conditions...Your willingness to provide extra manpower on weekends and evenings to accomplish a shortened opening schedule was invaluable...Your pricing was very competitive and we were please to finish the job with virtually no surprises in added costs or charges...We have great confidence in you demonstrated by the fact that Best is exclusively handling all of the current projects under development by the Great Lakes Companies."
John D. Nagle
Great Lakes Hospitality Corp.
Chief Operating Officer
"...I would like to personally recommend Gene Yosick and Best Restaurant Equipment & Design Co. for their prompt service and support in the installation of equipment in the building and/or remodeling of our Country Kitchen restaurants in Missouri over the past two decades.
We will continue to work with them in the future as our needs arise knowing we will always receive the quality we have had in the past."
Tasteful Franchising, Inc.
Thomas E. Annen - President
"...I have personally been dealing with Best Restaurant Equipment & Design Co., Inc. over the past 20 years...Whether remodeling or building a new restaurant, Best Restaurant Equipment & Design Co., Inc. has always provided prompt service. They will design the restaurant to best utilize the available space, and they continue to work with us on an ongoing basis providing superior workmanship and prompt delivery once the equipment package is selected...I will continue working with Best Restaurant Equipment & Design Co., Inc. on future projects. I highly recommend them."
Charles M. Meyers
Country Kitchen International
"...I have known and dealt with Best Restaurant Designs & Equipment Co., Inc. since 1992. They have done numerous remodeling and building services for me including: Country Kitchen, TGI Fridays, Independent Pancake House and various other projects. The superior workmanship, prompt attention, and continued service is beyond reproach...I plan to continue a long and profitable relationship with Best Restaurant Designs & Equipment Co., Inc."
Collier Development Corp.
"My company has been involved with Best Restaurant Equipment for a number of years. As an owner/operator of 11 restaurants, I have found Mike Stasko very resourceful regarding the remodeling and opening of my units. Mike is always willing to show my company unique ways of laying out a restaurant and doing conversions and incorporating equipment packages into new buildings...No matter how big or small my projects are, the employees of Best Restaurant Equipment are always willing to step up to the plate. The workmanship and delivery...have always been of outstanding quality. I would highly recommend Best Restaurant Equipment, for you equipment design, layout and installation."
James M. Delmore
Ohio Restaurant Administrative Corp.
President and CEO
"Best Restaurant has been a major supplier to the Metromedia concept brands for several years. It has been my pleasure to work with several representatives from Best Equipment. I have found them to be caring of the customer, conscious of cost and very capable to assist in designing an efficient layout...I have been pleased with the level of your communication with our Franchisees and Company staff. You have demonstrated a commitment to quality, budgets and working as a team with MRG...We look for ward to continued business with Best Restaurant Equipment and Design."
Metromedia Restaurant Group
Director of Construction
"I just wanted to take the time to commend everyone at BEST Restaurant Equipment & Design for the remarkable job you do, serving all our 49 stores and corporate locations. As our company grows, so does your level of commitment to our needs...We at Houston's are very demanding, and we know this! The people at BEST seem to understand our sense of urgency, and they deliver.
David Wade
Director of Construction
Best Restaurant Equipment & Design, Inc.
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